Welcome to the new website! Thanks for visiting

Hello, and welcome!  Chris here.  I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to check out my new website and music.  It means a lot to me to get some other eyes and ears on this new music I've been spending so much time on creating!  

Most of what goes on in my solo project is a one man endeavor (as it should be to be a true solo project!), which means a lot of long hours alone, writing and producing the music, videos, graphics, and (mostly) everything else.  

If you enjoy my music, I would love to hear from you. Your feedback helps me understand my audience and improve my craft. Please feel free to say hello on social media, give me a follow or a like, or even make a purchase from my store to directly support my music career.

I appreciate you, and look forward to keep the creative flow going!

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