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Shred like Chris through 4 of his tunes and backing tracks.  Acquire some of his signature melodic guitar riffs, and show off your support with custom ringtones, alert tones, and wallpapers!

🎁 Contents included in the Gift Pack:

🎼 Hearts, Spades, Pins & Needs Official Transcription Guitar TAB

🎼 Lost Transmission Official Transcription Guitar TAB

🎼 Running Away Official Transcription Guitar TAB

🎸 Running Away Official Backing Track

📞 From Darkness Ringtone Pack (34 tones!)

 AND the entire

👾 GLHF Gift Bundle

To celebrate over 10,000 streams and counting, here is the awesome GL HF free gift bundle to nostalgically shred your heart out.  It includes a note for note transcription in guitar tablature format of the entire guitar part.  GL HF! (Good Luck, Have Fun!)
  • Official Transcription - 6 Page PDF Booklet - Exact note for note transcription, notated by Chris.
  • Official GL HF Backing Track - Hot off the mixing board.
  • High Definition Single Album Artwork
  • 4 Phone Wallpapers: "Glitch", "Start Maze", "Album Art" and "Computer"
  • 8 Ringtones of song clips, and 2 Alert tones from the song 

As a thank YOU for being a fan.  Enjoy!

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