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 FURYOUS Licks is Chris Fury's FREE fun guitar lick series where first we hear the lick in motion, then learn it slow with the tablature.  It's primary focus is educate and show bite sized snippets of fun, entertaining, modern guitar playing.

What is a lick you ask?  Well, good ol' Chat GPT describes a guitar lick as: 

"A guitar lick is a short musical phrase or riff played on the guitar that often serves as a melodic or rhythmic embellishment. It can be a signature phrase or a memorable sequence of notes that adds flavor and personality to a guitar solo or song. Licks are commonly used in various genres of music, such as rock, blues, jazz, and country, and are typically repeated or improvised upon during performances."

When you learn guitar licks:

  • You get creative ideas.
  • You try something new and break old habits of "tracing" familiar shapes.
  • You get to play the same licks as you hear Chris shred.
  • You'll be able to segment them into your own playing.

Season 2 of Furyous licks has begun!  Join in learning licks from Chris's new release "A Game Worth the Candle" and more.  You will receive an email as each episode rolls out with the guitar notation / tablature.  

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