Collection: A Game Worth the Candle

"A Game Worth the Candle" Collection

Chris's new 2023 full length album release. At its core, "A Game Worth the Candle" challenges the fundamental question of existence, exploring themes of struggle (both mentally and physically), loss, hope, and introspection, as well as letting oneself have a little fun along the way. Through its intricate arrangements and evocative melodies and themes, the album tells a powerful and immersive story in hope to find the game worth the candle.

"From Darkness" Collection

Chris Fury's debut album, displaying the talents of virtuoso bass player Berklee grad Ian Underwood on Bass, and the powerful Sebastian Persini on drums, with Chris's melodic guitar in the forefront of thoughtful compositions. The album features songs about love with "In Your Eyes", loss with "Last Breath" and breaking the cycle with the tune "Autopilot Disengage", clocking in over an hour.